Kontakt 2Do you know, that there may be no ultimate truth?

Welcome to Xiqual (this word can be translated as “manifest or “phenomenize”). My name is Fox. I am a member of an international magical pact in the office of a priest. On this homepage I want to offer you my service.

Basically you can contact me for all sorts of magic. However, my areas of expertise are fortune telling and making contact with your ancestors, exorcism and protection from evil forces, healing magic, aswell as making magical artefacts.

I do not charge a fee for my magical service. However, you can donate some money according to your satisfaction with my work.

In the gallery you can see some paintings and photos of artefacts and amulets that I’ve made.

Face darkIn some cases it can happen that I refuse to work for you or that I suggest to solve your issue in a different way. Magic is avery powerful tool. Maybe it is the most powerful tool that we actually have. It would be very careless and irresponsible to accept each request for magical service without analysing the situation. Sometimes our wishes are not healthy or good but they drive us into madness and despair. Sometimes the fulfilment of our desires make everything worse. Therefore, I kindly ask you for your understanding in case I reject your request.

I am looking forward to your message.

 – Fox